Sinterit LISA

Sinterit LISA

SINTERIT LISA gives you freedom of form Our unique laser sintering 3D printer opens new possibilities for your company. Use the laser to selectively melt polymer powder into three-dimensional objects like professional SLS printers do. With Lisa you can print sophisticated, precise and durable objects in an affordable and easy way without need for support structure.

  • Printing Specification

    Technology Selective Laser Sintering 

    Print Size(mm) 150 x 200 x150 

    Material Powder PA12 (Rigid, durable, temperature resistant, chemical resistant), Powder FLEXA BLACK (Elastic) 

    Accuracy 75µ 

    Software Sinterit Studio 2016 

    Support file STL, 08J, 30S, FBX, DAE, 3MF 

    OS Compatibility Microsoft Windows 

    Connectivity USB Stick, Wifi 

    Features 4"LCD touch screen, On-board camera

    Safety CE, FCC 

    Warranty 12 Months 

PriceFrom RM58,000.00
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